Anybody Can Trade

Unlike other markets, most FOREX brokers have low minimum account requirements.  Almost everybody can open a live account.  With the power of leveraging (also known as “gearing”), your dollar, yen, pound, or whichever currency you fund your account with; it can have so much more trading power than stocks and other securities.  Do we suggest starting out with real cash?

No.  In fact, NO!

Demo Accounts

The great thing is that most FOREX brokers also offer a “demo” account which behaves exactly like a real account; however, you are not required to risk real money until you are ready.  Our preferred brokers do offer free, limitless demo account when while you hone your skills and will provide you with personal on-boarding and great customer service.  Be wary of brokers who set conditions on demo account with stating that you must immediately trade real money or…else?  Be sure to check out the Broker Page on the site.  They won’t steer you wrong.

Opportunities Abound

Those with a few thousand or even a few hundred can slowly build equity using a smart risk profile and tight money management.  There are even brokers who required less than $100 to open an account, creating an opportunity for just about anybody!  It may take a little time, but each booked win will keep you moving forward, and the occasional loss will do doubt provide an educational reflective moment to determine what you could do better next time.

You Got This

When you’re ready to take the next step and take the Stonehill Forex Advanced course, you’ll no doubt have many new tools and strategies you will want to test before going live in the market to trade the in the biggest “sandbox” on the planet!  So get in there, and get busy!

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