Preferred Brokers

Do you want to trade through a quality Broker?

 (Of course you do!)

We’ve discovered a broker who meets our stringent list of requirements and worked out an agreement to incentivize traders to trade through them.  This broker services non-US clients.  They are ready to help you get started with your trading career.  Click on the links below to begin the sign-up process.

(our #1 choice)

 Non-US customers only

$250 minimum to open an account

10% matching incentive up to $20,000 deposit ($1000 minimum)

24/7 English assistance

Personalized on-boarding and customer service

You must use the link provided below to receive the incentive!

(Australian residents are not able to receive the incentive due to ASIC regulations)


                   Blueberry Markets MT4 account

                   Blueberry Markets MT5 account

We have vetted dozens of brokers according to the most important

characteristics a broker must have:

Size of the broker – A stable broker is one with enough capital to withstand the various forces of the market. There are many brokers who would rather spend money on appearing like a major player than actually using their capital for supporting the business.

Demo Trading – Some brokers only allow demo trading for a month or two, then start asking for a cash deposit to continue using their services.  In the Stonehill Forex 201 Advanced Course you will learn that we strongly advocate a minimum of six months to a year before you even consider live trading.  You also need time to get used to how things work on the platform.  Make sure they allow demo trade for an unlimited amount of time.

MetaTrader 4 – We only trade with the MT4 platform, however, MT5 can also be used if you’re so inclined. A broker must have this to even be considered by us.

Regulatory Oversight/Safety – Location as a function of oversight and regulations: USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Japan are safer places to trade your money because they have established regulators.  Trading through an unregulated broker puts your money at increased risk.  Recognized regulatory entities include:

  1. CFTC (USA) – Commodities Futures Trading Commission
  2. ESMA (EU) – European Securities and Markets Authority
  3. NFA (USA) – National Futures Association
  4. ASIC (Austria) – Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Customer Service – Exceptionally important to us as serious traders. You cannot afford to be on the receiving end of inaccurate or completely wrong information when you have real money on the line. A significant amount of customer service has been outsourced away from where the broker actually resides. Many of them are ill trained or have language challenges, especially as non-native English speakers. Very technical issues can be difficult to solve. It also speaks to the fact that the broker views customer service as a second rate necessity.

Ease of use – You don’t need it to be difficult to use a broker when real money is on the line. We use MT4 which is easy to navigate. Some brokers offer a web-based platform which looks and operates differently.  Be sure you are comfortable with whatever version you want to use.

Lightening Fast Execution & Reliability– Fast execution, Most brokers are quick to fill orders, but requotes do happen, especially in an exceptionally volatile market.  No “what just happened” moments.  I.e. stop hunting, bad data ticks, unreliable fills or other broker shenanigans.

Spreads – Spreads you ask?  These brokers offer one of the narrowest spreads in the business.  Take advantage of their generosity, operational stability, and focus on what’s important to you, the trader!