Stonehill Forex Advanced Course - CONTENTS

Below, are the course modules and content description included in the Advanced Course.  Each lesson has a separate checkpoint with custom tailored questions to check for understanding, which can be skipped, if desired.

The length of each lesson varies.  Some are short (around 5 minutes) and others are longer (over 20 minutes) where required, to fully describe the lesson content objectives.  Lessons have graphic examples with specific explanations of why and how for each concept.  


Pre-Course Primer – You’ll want to watch this first.  It explains how the course is set up, what you’ll need and what to expect.

Elimination Lesson – A deep dive into lifestyle qualities which are holding you back from becoming a successful (and profitable) trader.

Brokers Lesson – We investigated many Forex brokers worldwide.  Learn how we determined who made the list, and who we suggest.

Big Banks Lesson – Find out who really controls the Forex market and who the players are.

Best Timeframe to Trade Lesson – There actually is a best timeframe to trade, and we not only tell you what it is, we tell you the reasons.  We also explain why other timeframes aren’t as good as they might seem.

Best Time to Trade Lesson – So important.  This is an eye-opening lesson which may make your life and trading much easier.

Types of Traders Lesson – Discover which type of trader you may be, what kind of traders we are, and why we trade a certain way.

Trend Versus Reversal Trading Lesson – Learn the differences between the two major methods of trading and why we choose one side over the other.

Pairs We Trade Lesson – Narrow your focus to those currency pairs we feel would make your trading more productive.

The Dirty Dozen Lesson – VP talks about these indicators.  We take it to the next level.

ATR Lesson – The first part of your algorithm…and the most critical.  You’ll learn why.

How Long to Demo Trade Lesson – Prepare properly.  We show you the how and why to perform this step correctly.

Money Management Lesson – One of the three pillars of trading, you absolutely need to have a rock solid plan.  We show you what you need to know.

Margin & Leverage Lesson – There are very specific rules about this.  Forego those rules, and you risk losing your trading capital.

Risk Lesson – The follow-up to Margin & Leverage, we explain the best risk profile to keep you safe and profitable.

Over Exposure Lesson – Never find yourself in a position where you’ve put your account in a precarious condition.

Risk to Reward – Find out why old school ratios really aren’t a thing and learn a better way to manage your risk and reward.

Technical Analysis Lesson – This is where we live and play.

Paid Indicators Lesson – To pay or not to pay.  An insight to the indicator market and the main course of our trading meal.

Journaling Lesson – You must journal to help create an effective trading plan.  Learn what you actually need to keep track of and why.

Trading Psychology Lesson – The most important of the three trading pillars.  Find out what’s going on in your brain and how it can affect your trading, both positively and negatively. 

Losing Streaks Lesson – It happens to all of us.  Discover the best way to handle this problem and what to do about it.

Winning is Not Losing Lesson – There is a difference between “winning” and “not losing” and it will impact your ability to profit.

Trading a Small Account Lesson – Some traders don’t have large accounts.  We lay it out for you.

Trading Volatile Pairs Lesson – Not really a “thing” for us.  We explain why you shouldn’t let opportunities go by the wayside.

Fundamental Analysis Lesson – Is this something we really need to subscribe to?  Find out the real deal.

Trader Sentiment Lesson – Trader emotions.  Luckily, we aren’t subjected to these.  We’ll explain how to sidestep this for more streamlined thinking.

Trading the News Lesson – News is all around us.  Some of it is important, some not so much.  You’ll find out exactly which news reports you need to be aware of, and how to trade in, around and through them.

Scaling Out Lesson – Work out of trades the intelligent (and profitable) way.  We’ll give you the step-by-step on this logical way of exiting a trade with profits in your pocket.

Scaling In Lesson – Getting into a trade the smart way.  This isn’t stock trading.

Monthly Returns Lesson – Often asked about, never really explained.  You’ll find out what you need to know about this.

Baseline Lesson – The “base” of your algorithm.  Now we’re going places!

Confirmation Indicators Lesson – It’s what gets us into the action.

Volume & Volatility Lesson – Learn how and why market “fuel” powers our ability to find success.

Exit Indicators Lesson – Finding the way out of a trade…with profits.

Pullback Lesson – Finding opportunity where most don’t even see it.

Continuation Trades Lesson – Who says the party has to end.  You can get back into the mix and keep on winning.

Trailing Stops Lesson – Lock in those profits.  We’ll show you how.

Backtesting Indicators/Effective Screening Lesson – Here is where the magic happens.  You’ve never had so much fun doing research.

Building an Algorithm Lesson – Putting it all together.  Here’s where your hard work starts to pay off.

Backtesting an Algorithm Lesson – Making your system better.

Forward Testing an Algorithm Lesson – You’ve done the research, now it’s time to see how well you can do.

Drawdown Lesson – There are limits which you need to watch.  Pay attention to capital preservation.

Shotgun Lesson – Trading odds and ends that didn’t warrant their own lessons, but still important enough to discuss.

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