Say it Ain’t so

The statement, “Isn’t Forex trading like gambling” has been uttered by many uninformed individuals, for a long time.  We’ve all heard those words at one time or another, “FOREX?  Isn’t that some kind of crazy gambling scam?”  You then hear that same phrase, “I heard a story of a guy who lost his shirt in that (or other) market.”  All that being said,  I’d like to meet that guy and ask him if he’s ever found his shirt.

It’s a good bet that those who claim that any kind of investing is the same as gambling don’t actually trade a market.  Or worse, or trade it with no plan, so in a sense; that is gambling.  Trading is a business, and it needs to be treated that way.

Look Both Ways

If you subscribed to those beliefs, virtually everything in life is a gamble.  Even crossing the street.  Look left, look right…bam!  Hit by the proverbial bus.  Not a smart way to enter into a practice where the odds would definitely be against you.


So, is it gambling?  Hardly.  With a quality education from Stonehill Forex, your trading process becomes a series of logical decisions back with solid emotional discipline, tight money management and sensible technical analysis, powered by your knowledge and understanding of the largest market in the world.

Your Decision

The only person who will best advocate for your money – is you.  Don’t let someone else gamble with your hard-earned cash.  Never give away your opportunity to trade.  I speak from experience…and I paid for it; dearly.  You are the best person to make decisions that affect your ability to increase your income.

If you want to gamble, come hang with us in Las Vegas when we hit the craps tables… 

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