Historically, the world of trading (all markets) have been dominated by men and only recently, have women entered the arena.  This bears investigating.  Let’s dive into this a bit.


Women are not as susceptible to overconfidence.  Additionally, women don’t generally have an over inflated ego, like men usually do.  This means they more risk-averse than men.

A new field of science called “neuroeconomics” explores the connectivity between hormonal, neurological and decision-making processes.  It was discovered that testosterone ultimately drives men to make bold decisions.

This may create a winning streak.  Unfortunately, this streak feeds the process to drive men to eventually make stupid decisions.  These include gut feelings, arrogance, egotistical beliefs and insolence.  Something we definitely want to avoid.

Persistence = Learning

Women, as a whole, make better students.  Think back to school.  Who generally earned better grades?  It wasn’t Mark, Bobby, Jim, or Thomas…it was Michelle, Brenda, Veronica and Maria.

Female students are generally more focused on the lesson.  Simply put, they complete homework and assignments.  They also exhibit higher levels of persistence when attempting new concepts.  These practiced skills give them a clear advantage to learning and following the steps needed for successful trading.


Women also tend to multitask more efficiently than men.  Watch any mother run a household with children.  Budgeting, logistics, crowd control, medical duties, psychologist, facility maintenance and running a mini restaurant are the daily norm.

Call on Line One

Most guys sit in a chair and watch a screen, talk on the phone or participate in meetings.  Even those in the field are generally tasked with a specific responsibility before assuming another.  Yes, there are exceptions.  However, most women who run a household take on concurrent jobs as an everyday affair.

The bottom line is that yes, women can become better traders than men.  That being said, guys….whatcha gonna do?

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