Emotional Roller Coaster

Trading can be one of the most exciting, nerve wracking, maddening, giddy and scary things you ever experience.  The emotional highs when trades are “in the money” can be tremendous. However, the lows when your trade is losing can really affect your emotional well-being to the point of making you ill.

Respect Yourself

Not every trade can generate a profit and that’s fine.  How you manage yourself and your trades is the most important aspect of successful trading.  There is an expression that revolves around getting “married” to a trade.

I Do

Ironically, people become emotionally involved with their trades and won’t get out of a losing trade.  This is actually counterproductive.  The thought is, “If I sell it now, I take a loss.  Maybe if I hang onto it, it’ll come back”.  What if it doesn’t?  Do you want to blow up your account on a single trade because you wouldn’t close it?

Emotional Understanding

Understanding self awareness of trading emotions and psychology by having the oversight to control them is your best asset.  Using a proven system can help mitigate those extreme responses and is a fundamental requirement for effective trading.

We can help

Taking the Stonehill Forex Advanced Course will help you identify those emotions and give you the tools to better equip yourself through the development of a system which works for you.  At the end of the course, you will have a much better understanding of what they are.  You will also be able to lose the baggage and, best of all, lets you focus on what is important – creating wealth.

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