I came across this question on Quora.  It was such an “in your face” question, that I just couldn’t ignore it.

The short answer is, “It depends.”

The longer version goes like this..

If you are an individual who is able to follow direction, can stay focused, remain organized and able to create and implement a system then, yes.

If you are looking for a “get rich quick” program where you don’t have to put in time, effort and determination then, probably not.

Like anything else worth doing, you need to make the commitment to see your education through and not become thwarted by periodic failure.  Anything worth doing takes time and the ability to see the long game opportunities.


The gains possible by learning how to trade Forex can be rewarding.  As a side income or, in some cases, replacing what you’re doing now – it all depends on you.  Remember, anybody becoming proficient in anything (teacher, plumber, doctor, actor, investor, trader, etc.) takes time, effort and incentive.

Educate Yourself

Also important is the quality of education you have when learning how to trade.  Trying to do it by yourself can be overwhelming, with the amount of information available to you.  We’ve developed a course which can be done in two days and can provide the framework for you to become a successful and profitable trader.

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Advanced Course

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You can do this.

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